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Frequently Asked Questions Why should I have my driveway/parking lot sealed?
Having your driveway/parking lot sealed, will protect your asphalt from gas and oil spills and the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Sealing your driveway prevents the top layer from oxidizing. Oxidizing can lead to crack and potholes. Sealing enhances the look of your driveway/parking lot and most importantly sealing prolongs the life span of your asphalt.
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How often should I seal my driveway/parking lot?
We at Tuff-Tar recommend that you seal your driveway/parking lot every year for the first 3-4years and then every other year after that.
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I just had a driveway/parking lot installed, should I wait for a few years to have it sealed?
No, you should wait one season or 90 days and start regular sealing immediately for 3-4 years. This will protect your driveway/parking lot from the beginning and make for a longer life span.
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How long should I stay off my driveway?
Once your driveway/parking lot has been sealed, it will dry quickly to the touch, about 3 or 4 hours. But it requires more time to fully cure. If you attempt to drive on it at this time your vehicle's weight could cause tire impressions. You should not drive on it for a minimum of 24 and if possible 48 hours.
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What about oil stains?
To eliminate oil stains, we apply an oil spot primer to the stain. In most cases, the primer eliminates the stain.
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How do I pay?
Tuff-Tar accepts cash or cheque. For business we will invoice you.
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What do I need to do to prepare for sealcoating?
The only thing you will need to do is make sure the driveway is clear of cars, basketball nets, toys etc. If you do decide that you want to power wash your driveway, please make sure it is dry before we get there.
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What about the cracks?
Small cracks are included in our price. For major cracks we use hot rubber and this is an additional charge. Your sales representative will explain this to you.
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How do you apply the sealcoat?
At Tuff-Tar, we use a commercial seal known as Black-Mac. This is manufactured by McAsphalt Industries and is the same material that is used to produce Asphalt Driveways. Black-Mac must be sprayed on with a commercial spraying system.
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My/our house is up for sale, why should I have my driveway sealed now?
This is a great time to have your driveway sealed. It shows potential home buyer that you care for your home and it enhances the “curb” appeal.
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Can you seal my driveway if the weather is rainy?
As long as your driveway is dry when we spray it, yes. Your driveway must be completely dry before it can be sprayed, but if it begins to rain as soon as we are finished, the seal will still remain intact. The sealant is a petroleum based product and will repel water. If it is raining or there is an imminent threat of rain on the day of your appointment, we will call to reschedule.
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Will my lawn or landscaping be sprayed?
No. At Tuff-Tar we have the utmost respect for our clients' property and hard work that you put into your landscaping. For this reason, we take every precaution to make sure that we do not spray grass, surrounding interlock, garage doors etc. We protect your valuable property with boards to prevent overspray. In the event that the wind is too strong, and we do not feel confident that we can keep the overspray to a minimum, we will reschedule the appointment.
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